Punt Verde Zoo

Zoo «Punta Verde» – Private, it takes the territory of 100’000 kV. M. It is located on the picturesque banks of the river called Tagliamento.

Zoo Punta Verde opened in 1979, while the number of animals living in it is constantly increasing. To date, more than 1,000 inhabitants live in Punta Verde, which can be attributed to 150 species. Here travelers meet a variety of mammals, reptiles and many birds.

Note that in the zoo, life beats the key: research and laboratory are opened here. Especially for guests have developed environmental routes for which you can go accompanied by experienced guides.


Note that animals in the zoo are contained in enclosures made exclusively from natural materials. Here you can see animals, the population of which is rapidly reduced: in the park carefully followed the state of their health and provide them with the necessary care. Get acquainted with Tibetan goats and harsh bears, forty and african lions. Get unforgettable impressions!

Complete the zoo walking, you can visit the Botanical Section. Here, tourists will be able to admire exotic plants.

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