Zoo Hellbrunn

If you arrive at the National Land of Salzburg with the kids, be sure to visit the zoo, which is located within the historic complex of Hellbrunn. For the first time its doors for the zoo opened at the beginning of the second half of the last century.

However, the true history of the park began much long before. Already in the 17th century in this area began to grow animals, then by order of Marcus Sittikus local residents began to build the park here. Today, the total area of ​​the park reaches nearly 90 hectares. In ecologically clean environment inhabited by a variety of fauna, there are nearly 150 species. Garden square is divided not several separate zones, each of which corresponds to the nature of a part of light. Here you can see the flora and fauna of Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Such thematic zoning was made possible thanks to the unique landscape. Who are there only: antelope, rhinos, zebras, and numerous representatives of birds, monkeys, kangaroos… The living conditions of all the animals of the zoo staff on a daily basis trying to bring even more to the natural.

Zoo Hellbrunn Salzburg Sightseeing Guide Turproma

Every day at the zoo organizes entertainment activities for both children and adults.

Zoo Hellbrunn Salzburg Sightseeing Guide Turproma

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