Zoo "Camel Oasis"

"Camel Oasis" – Amazing place located in the eastern part of Fuerteventura island. The territory of this park is huge, however animals here a little. But despite this, "Camel Oasis" still attracts a large number of tourists, because it is here that you can touch wildlife.

"Highlight" This fleet is – Safari on camels. Anyone can take a walk on a two-kite animal. In addition, in addition to the contact with animals, "Camel Oasis" will give an indescribable view that will open throughout the path. Also, everyone will be able to enjoy not only the scenery, but also a fascinating history of the park. Such a walk last about four hours.


In addition to camels, in the oasis park you can visit the concep show and look at rare birds. In addition, administration "Camel oasisa" gives permission to shoot. Therefore, under the supervision of a guide, anyone can capture themselves with any animal.

Also on the territory of the park there is a souvenir shop, which offers small presents for every taste. There is also a couple of caffeine, where anyone can relax after a fascinating and bright travel in the animal world.


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