Zoo Barcelona

In the main city park of the Citadel is another landmark – Zoo Barcelona. To visit here it will be interesting to the whole family, because more than 320 species of animals and almost twisters of plants live in the zoo. Not far from the zoo you can see the Catalonia Parliament Building. Barcelona Zoological Park is very old – He works since 1892. This fleet has an individual feature – Animals are separated here not to fences, but with water with water, which allows you to establish closer communication between people and beasts.

Zoo Barcelona Attractions Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona Zoo stretches for almost a third of the Park of the Citadel, and several museums, an artificial lake, and a tree fountain are located on the rest of the territory. You can visit the zoo by paying for about twenty euros for the entrance, which will give you the opportunity to hold an unlimited amount of time here, you can even go beyond its limits and come back. Cute trams run on the territory, you can rent an outdoor electric car. There are several cafes in the zoo, smoking areas, toilets, recreation facilities and free Wi-Fi in the central square.

Zoo Barcelona Attractions Barcelona Travel Guide

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