Zlatibor – Magic Mountain – Climate Resort – Oasis Calm and Health. Mount Zlatibor, 1496 meters high, is 230 km south of. Belgrade, 309 km from the Adriatic coast. The advantage of grailthe is that it is located near the transport paths, and therefore getting better and just. The Mountain is obliged to its name to the specific and only type of coniferous trees –«Golden Boru». The idea of ​​the construction of a health care program at Zlatibor appeared at the end of the 19th century, when experts of the Belgrade Balneological Institute and foreign medical researchers were established that special "Rose of Wind" It is located here, over the Zlatibor, atmospheric pressure is extremely favorable; The entire central plateau is closed with its geographic location from the blows of cold winds, which in combination of mixing the mountain and mediterrane air jets create this specific microclimate with therapeutic properties.

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Zlatibor is a popular place for recreation and leisure, where everyone will find a lesson in the shower – whether fishing, horse riding, bathing on the River Kamishini, "Live" Ethno Village, visit to the Orthodox manastions Mileshevo and Racha, collecting the healing plants of untouched nature or just enjoyment of the smooth carelessness of the Zlatiborian day, tasting local homemade wine.

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