Zikkurat Eathernigur – One of the greatest creations of mankind

To date, hundreds of huge zigkurats scattered around Iran and Iraq. Their appointment remains unknown, although many (including Herodotus) believe that these are peculiar temples ancient deities.

Earlier, only very famous priests were allowed inside the zikkurat, who wore a high title in Sumerian society.

One of the most well-preserved buildings is a sikkurate of Eathernigur, located in the city of ure in Iraq.

The basis of this temple has quite large sizes – 64 at 46 m. At the top was previously the temple of the Moon Divine Nanna, which was not preserved to the present day.

Zikkurat Eathernigur - One of the greatest creations of mankind

The construction of zikkurat began the king of Ur-Namma, deceased before his work was completed. In subsequent years, this grand project was completed by his son – King Schulgy in the 21st century BC. NS.

In subsequent years, Zigkurat often was restored and modified. The last repair of this construction was made by the former ruler of Iraq Saddam Hussein. He completed large steps already from modern bricks than somewhat spoiled an ancient view of an old facility.

Today, two kilometers from the zikkurat ETEMENNIUGUR is located US military base.

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