Zielona-Gora (Zielona-Gora)

Zelena-Gu&# 769; RA (Zielona-GóRA) – City in Poland, one of two administrative centers of Lubuschsky Voivodeship. Population – 118.2 thousand. residents (2005).

The city is located at the intersection of the historic path of Wroclaw-Szczecin (200 km from Wroclaw and 300 km from the bristle).

Zielona-Gora (Zielona-Gora)

On Market Square Town Hall At first, Gothic, rebuilt in 17-19 centuries. Gothic temple St. Moves restored in classicism style with baroque organ, renaissance and baroque tombstones. Former 18-eternal Evangelical Church With a stone tower, currently converted to the Chousstokhovskaya Church of Our Lady. In September, the celebrations associated with the collection of grapes are organized.

In the nearby OKHL is ethnographic Museum-Reserve with objects of rural construction.

Zielona-Gora (Zielona-Gora)

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