Cave Zeus

One of the most majestic and attractive sights of the Turkish resort Kusadasi is considered Cave Zeus. Every year, this is a great place seeks to visit many tourists. All of them will not wait to plunge into water, where Zeus with beautiful girls were bought at the gifts of ancient myths. It is in this cave that the Greek god hid from his wife a ger, enjoying the society of earthly beauties.

The road to the cave of Zeus is hidden in thickets. This very myth is confirmed. After all, Zeus knew the anger of his wife, so I found such a quiet and closed place. The track is similar to a small path, along the edges of which grow colorful daisies. She has already become a present. She is not empty at night, no night. In the evening, Zeus cave is illuminated by other paints. It seems to be filled with atmosphere of intimacy and mystery.

Zeus Cave Sights Kusadas Travel Guide

The pool inside the cave has a depth of ten meters. He was created by nature. The water in the pool is transparent. She splashed the pool with a basin, giving an unforgettable type of depth. Swim in this water allowed to all tourists. However, many do not want «defile» place that once belonged to the gods.

Zeus Cave Sights Kusadas Travel Guide

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