Zeta plain

Although the country sounds the mountains, there are plain territories here. The biggest area is the Zeta Plain. It is located in the center of the country and extends from the scandard lake in the south, to the mountains in the north. Her irrigated Water Morach River.

Despite the dry climate, this region is actively cultivated and agriculture and winemaking are very developed here. Local residents grow corn and peppers on their lands. Citrus gardens spread out several kilometers. And the vineyards have been visible with their even rows. It is in them that they grow black grapes, from which the famous red wine is made, which is useful in heart disease.

Zeta Plain Attractions Podgorica Travel Guide

Historically, the plain was settled in ancient times. Closed on all sides by the winds from the winds, with purely continental climates, she gave the most favorable conditions for the first settlers. On the territory of the plain archaeologists, the remains of parking of the ancient people of the Stone Age were discovered. And it was from here that the statehood of Montenegro went, because it was on this territory first the Slavic state of Dukl appeared, which was later transformed into a zeta (from the name of the locality) and in the future it became Montenegro.

In the center of the settling plain is the capital of Montenegro City of Podgorica. This is a modern cultural and industrial center of the country.

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