Zalakaros (Zalakaros)

Zalakaros (Zalakaros) – A small resort town in Southwestern Hungary, located 196 km from Budapest and 18 km from the southwestern tip of Lake Balaton. Population – 1625 people (2004).

Main landmark of Zalakaros – Sources of hot mineral waters (from a depth of more than 2000 m, Temperature 96 °C), next to which in 1965 a sanatorium-healing complex was built «Zalakaros FüRd&# 337;».

Zalakaros (Zalakaros)

Mineral water refers to an alkaline-chloride bicarbonate group, the iodine, bromine and sulphides, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, nitrates, nitrites, heating acid, silicic acid, free coal acid and radioactive elements.

In a sanatorium and medical complex, a great set of open and closed pools: therapeutic (water temperature +32..+36 ° C) and thermal (+28..+32 ° C), children’s pool, pool "with effects", sports pool, swimming pool with waves, hydromassage pool.

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