Yuksom (Yuksom)

Yuksom (Yuksom) – In the past, the first capital of the independent kingdom of Sikkim, currently, the village in Western Sikkim. Is at an altitude of 1780 m.

From here, trekking marshylats are beginning to Goech La Pass (Goech La), offering a beautiful view of Kanchengang Mountain.

One of the main attractions of the UNOMOMA is Coronation Trone The first Sikkimsky Chogyala, which is located in the sacred grove of a small monastery Norbugang. Not far from the throne there are white chorten and several small temples.

Yuksom (Yuksom)

Tibetan buddhist Monastery Dubdy (Dubdi Monastery) is located on a mountain slope 45 minutes walk from the village.

Approximately 9 km from Yuxoma on the way to Tashiding is located Formong waterfall (Phamrong).

Yuksom (Yuksom)

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