York Cathedral

In English York is a historical architectural value – York Cathedral. It is considered the largest in the north of Europe. He was assigned title «Minster», that translated from Latin means – monastery. In such a title, only some famous vintage churches in the UK possess.

In 1220, the construction of the cathedral was started, the order gave the York Archbishop. The York Cathedral was to become better than the Canterbury. Many centuries lasted the struggle between them for the championship. Only in the XIV century Dad Innokentius IV allowed the dispute, assigning the title «Primas of all of England» Canterbury Cathedral, and York «Primas England», What was on the rank below.

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The York Cathedral was built for almost 250 years, he was consecrated already in 1472. Now it is the length of 158 m, and the towers with a height of 60 m. Gothic Nal Cathedral is the widest in England.

South and North Translat – The most vintage parts of the cathedral. South – decorated with a round window with a flower or star binding. And the north is famous for its silicone windows that are called «5 sisters». Chimes and bells are in Western towers. In 1955, a watch in honor of the dead pilots in the Second World War was established on the North Transport.

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