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The city is very friendly. On the 4th day in Yerevan. Everyone is happy to answer questions and help if. I bought a package – Yerevan Card – called, advised in a hotel. The project as it seemed to me new, it helps it easy to navigate in the city, the norm guidebook Mobile map and the electronic card of which you attend the museums of tours and all this) can also eat with discounts in restaurants you can eat)) In short, the thing is cool, I advise. Visited Matenadaran, Museum of Armenia’s History. Sezdil in Garni and Gegard.

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Especially impressed Gegard Temple simply radiates spirituality. Loved very walks in the night Yerevan. Everywhere youth driven by people cafes on the streets. Tomorrow I will go to the Museum of History of Yerevan, Parajanov and of course Cognac Plant Ararat All included for free in Yerevan Map, Walk)

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