Yellowstone: Millennary Volcano wakes up

Scientists are concerned: the Grand Volcano Yellowstone, located on the territory of the Natural Park of the same name, began to submit signs of life. For 4 days, seismologists recorded more than 60 jolts by magnitude 4-5 points.

At the same time, the temperature in local hot springs rose to + 20 ° C, and animals hurry to leave this area.

So far, experts are not in a hurry with statements, but carefully observe the Yellowstone volcano. After all, the consequences will affect the entire globe.

First of all, the territory of the United States will be flooded with lava and littered with a thick layer of ash. The thick fog will also cover other countries, and visibility will be reduced to 20 cm. Such an explosion can be compared with the detonation of several thousand atomic bombs.

Yellowstone Millennary Volcano Wakes up

Even the awakening of the legendary Vesuvius, who destroyed the ancient city of Pompeii, will seem like a children’s outcomes.

Not surprising, because the Square of Yellowstone is equal to two Tokyo or 4 thousand square meters.KM. Volcano is located in the National Park, which spread immediately in three states: Wyoming, Montana and Arizona. Last time Yellowstone woke up 7000 years ago.

Today, researchers are not taken to say that a global natural catastrophe is coming. However, keep the hand on the pulse and have assigned the heat of the giant high level of threat.

Yellowstone Millennary Volcano Wakes up

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