Yakutia: Diamond Quarry

Diamond quarry in Yakutia, also known as a kimberlite tube «Peace», It is deservedly considered one of the most unique man-made wonders of Russia. For many centuries, the nature of Yakutia tales the true treasures, which became known only to a little more than half a century ago. In 1955, the Soviet geological expedition found in these wild and deaf edges a kimberlite deposit — breeds known to the content of diamonds and named so on the name of the South African town, where they were first discovered. It should be noted that the Yakut natural treasury was even richer by African: a quarter of the diamonds of the whole world is mined here, and it is this place that the world has presented the world’s largest diamonds. Attracting the attractiveness of this diamond treasury of Russia and today among those who have visited this amazing place of people rumors about certain mystical properties of diamond career.

Yakutia Diamond Career

So, many at the bottom of the career claim that when you are down there, suddenly very sharply begins to spin the head, but at the same time, if you rise above, an incredible feeling of euphoria comes. In itself, contemplating this large-scale hole in the ground fascinates and as if hypnotizes — It seems that this is just the abyss, leaving towards the center of the Earth.

Yakutia Diamond Career

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