XEL-HA and XCaret – Natural Miracle Mexico

Once at the site of these ecological parks there were centers of culture of the ancient people Maya. Several thousand years ago, XEL-HA was the seaport of the Indians, and today it is possible to stroll through the jungle, to ride the exciting attractions, get acquainted with the marine inhabitants.

On the territory of the Ecopark XEL-HA you can spend a whole day, contemplating the beauty of bays, grotts, palm trees and mangrove trees.

Here is a natural aquarium in which Lamantins and Dolphins live. Snorkeling and diving lovers can rent special equipment and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. For a fee you can swim in the company with dolphins.

Xcaret Park is 72 kilometers from Cancun. This is the most famous Archaeological and Natural Park of Maya Riviera. For ten centuries, XCaret was the port and religious center of the Maya tribe.

XEL-HA and XCaret - Natural Miracle Mexico

Modern XCaret is a combination of cultural heritage with numerous rest opportunities. Here you can swim through the underground river and natural swimming pools, visit Dolphinarium, Museum-Aquarium, Turtle Farm, Wild Bird Reserve, Cave with Battle Mice, Orchid Farm, Butterfly Park.

In the evening, a colorful show is held in the park. Spectators waiting for an unusual performance, during which they will get acquainted with the ancient legends of the Mexican folklore with the help of music and ancient rituals.

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