Work University of Gijon

Hihonsky worker University is located near the city center, a couple of kilometers. To date, it is considered the most famous and important architectural structure of the entire city. Work University that was built in the mid-40s of the 20th century is the largest building complex in all of Spain, as has the territory, which is 27 hectares.

The history of its creation is sad construction began after a serious industrial accident, after which the mayor proposed the creation of an orphanage for children who died. It is with this and began the construction of this attraction. It is a building that was erected in the years and has reached our days. The highlight of the establishment is a tower with an arched opening, which is considered the entrance to the University. This tower is straight to the atrium, which is decorated with granite columns.

Work University of Gijon Attractions Gijon Guide Turproma

In the garden of the university is the church and the theater building, as there is a fountain, a lot of sculptures, benches and a small museum. Just as anyone can get to the roof Hihonskogo working university, which serves as a viewing platform. Enter the territory of the sights available daily between 08:30 and 20:00 pm. As the university is acting, then stroll through its territory can be free, but to be on the observation deck for an additional fee, which amounts to 5 euros.

Work University of Gijon Attractions Gijon Guide Turproma

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