Work per dollar a day

In 1908, the sociologist and photographer Lewis Hein was hired by the US National Children’s Committee to explore the difficult conditions in which they had to live and work for children across the country.

Dozens of cities, hundreds of interviews, thousands of personnel… In the end, Lewis reached the very eastern point of the country, the town of Eastport in Maine, where he created his most famous series of photographs. Estate — The heart of the sardine industry, in the first half of the last century, most of the canned fish was made here. Children’s work in this production was used almost at each stage: for example, children earned that they cut off the heads and tails of Sardin. The fee for many hours of exhausting shifts was approximately $ 1, while the competition was constantly growing: the more Sardin handle, the higher the chance of remuneration. Children were in a hurry, working on wear, which turned around with terrible injuries. Later, in the 1950s, the sardine industry sued no, and child labor was prohibited over time. The last plant for preserving Sardin was closed in 2010.

Work per dollar per day

«My planet» publishes a series of photos about what conditions had to work for children only a hundred years ago to earn money on food.

Work per dollar per day

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