Women’s recreation park is built in Shibergana

In the administrative center of the province of Jauzdzhan, Shibergana, a recreation park is built for women. The project is funded by the United States International Development Agency. Construction is conducted in the territory of the already existing Central Park. Part of its territory is planned to take a high fence and make accessible only for women. The object with a swimming pool, benches and a playground will be protected around the clock, passes the radio "Azzatyk".

The plans of the municipal authorities also includes the construction within the park of stores and restaurants in which there will be exceptionally women. In addition, a hall will be built in the park for various cultural events and exhibitions of women’s needlework.

Women's recreation park is built in Shibergana

Note that in the province of Jauzdjan Taliban have little influence, so women enjoy relative freedom. So, at the local university 40% of students – girls.

Recall that in Kabul after the reign of Taliban, a female garden was restored. In addition, the park for women works in Mazar-Sharif, and in Jalalabad there is a park, in which only women can relax two days a week.

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