Women have always been more than men

It turned out that even before the migration of the ancestors of a person from Africa women in the genus Homo had more than men – and this regularity, this remained throughout history. Perhaps the reason for this is polyging (when one man comes into sex with many women) and Virokality (after making marriage, the wife moves to her husband). As a result, the weak floor "presented" the population of the planet is more genes than strong.

Previously, genetics analyzed Nry and MTDNA with different methods, which made it difficult to compare, but German scientists have developed a new method of sequencing Y-chromosome. Thanks to this technique, information about the ancestors on the male and women’s line did not differ in quality and it could be compared, reports Lenta.Ru.

Women have always been more than men

A lot of differences were revealed at the regional level. For example, Africans have less genetic diversity in the father’s line – apparently, as a result of the expansion of the nations of the Bantia to the East and the South of the Continent, which began 3000 years ago. On the contrary, among the American Indians, genetic diversity is higher in the ancestors of women (because women prevailed among the first inhabitants of the new world).

Women have always been more than men

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