The currency reform in Ukraine (or in Ukraine, as it is necessary to speak after reaching this state of Independence) was, as in Poland, the material embodiment already triumphed over inflation. In the first half of the 90-ies of Ukraine in terms of depreciation of the national currency inferior, perhaps, only Yugoslavia. But at the level of about 125.000 per dollar flight coupon-karbovanets was able to slow down.

The new bank note – hryvnia (or hryvnia, as defenders of Ukrainian Language Society insists) – has been introduced yet not in Polish fluently, but rather, in the Soviet tradition. Periodic rumors of the impending reform of the tormented country of all the years of its sovereign life. Finally, August 25, 1996 it was announced that the event will be held next week. Exchange lasted from 2 to 16 of September and was in a ratio of 100.000: 1.

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The current inflation situation in Ukraine as a whole is prosperous. Hryvnia is steadily worth a little more than half of the dollar, or about 3.000 our rubles.

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